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The Rolling Stones dropped “Brown Sugar” from their concert setlist, saying they fear 21st century fans won’t grasp that the tune is about “the horrors of slavery” and not celebrating it.
October, 13, 2021

Song : Brown Sugar
Lyrics : https://genius.com/The-rolling-stones-brown-sugar-lyrics
Year : 1971
Genre : Blues rock
URL : https://www.deezer.com/us/track/4125582
Artist : The Rolling Stones
Country : England
Album : Sticky Fingers
Year : 1971
URL : https://www.deezer.com/us/album/384314
Cover :

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Hmmmmm, so the white band that has shown the upmost respect and love for Blues and American black music ever makes a song about the horrors of slavery and the disgusting mindset of slave owners? They must be endorsing slavery then!
… Some people really can´t read, cant they? Brown sugar is not only a fuckin awesome song, but it´s also (quite clearly) a song mocking and denouncing slavery. The Stones (and a lot of musicians, ehem, G´N´R for example) have made a lot of songs making fun of people that are bigoted or dumb (Miss You, One In A Million) and the fact that some people interpret those songs as supporting sexism, racism or any similar bigotry is dumbfounding. Oh and Bitch is also very good. – FantanoClone May 20 2023
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