Thursday, October 20, 2022’s Song of the Day

A Los Bosques – YouTube

Song: A los Bosques
Genre: Andean Music
Year: 194x
Artist: Savia Andina
Country Bolivia
Album: K’Alanchito (Música de Bolivia)
Year: 1980

English lyrics translation of A Los Bosques from Savia Andina | Musixmatch

Savia Andina – A Los Bosques – Amici Popolo Guarani | Facebook
(sorry, facebook does not allow a translation)

A Los Bosques, Savia Andina (acordes) en

Savia Andina – Wikipedia
(sorry, can’t provide a link to the google translation, wich is more in depth, because google translate does not seem to be working)

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Listen to K’Alanchito (Música de Bolivia) on your favorite streaming service

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